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What is Lend BTC?

We are hiring your money!
If you are bored to see your money at the same level, try to let it work!
Our system is based on operations at stock markets.

We are applying series of operations on virtual exchanges and increasing the amount of the existing money. So you can share your money as a worker with us, we will let it work and will share the profit with you. You can get your money back whenever you want, one day or one year it's up to you.

We definetely know that it is difficult to trust any person or company to lend money, but we can ensure you about our reliability by inviting you to explore experiences and feedbacks of other clients.
You can try our system by starting with money for the amount how much you wish.
You should not miss this opportunity!

How to Work?

We add value your money by making exchange for you

MinerCo Wallet

MinerCo make using Bitcoin safe wallet. You can instantly transact with anyone in the world.
Our step-by-step Security Center helps you backup your funds, and protect them from unauthorized access.
Desktop, iOS and Android apps allow you to access your Bitcoin wallet from any device

MinerCo F.A.Q.

You may directly exchange goods and services with people and companies offering Bitcoin and there are many exchanges providing currency exchange. Here is a list of the most usual exchanges:
You must store your bitcoins in a private digital wallet which allows you to secure and spend your Bitcoin. There are many types of wallets.
You can use MinerCo Wallet, register and enjoy fast.
Bitcoin mining is the process of distributing newly issued currency units to miners securing the network. About every 10 minutes a new block of transactions is found by miners and distributed on the network. Miners can use these bitcoins to pay for equipment such as power supplies, ASIC machines, cooling systems and for running costs such as internet, electricity, rent or hosting.
Cloud mining refers to purchasing a discrete fractional share from a large miner’s operation and sharing the operational costs and revenue. We provide virtual mining contracts backed by real mining hardware, offering the benefits of bitcoin mining without the disadvantages of heat production, loud background noise and heavy electrical bills.
Our contracts is lifetime
Yes you can, we do not have any restrictions on any country. We accept clients located anywhere in the world, this is the advantage and benefit of using crypto-currencies.
Yes of course it is, we are a legally registered and operating company. Scams are everywhere, this is a sad fact of life however as an informed consumer and disciplined investor you must do your reBxrch and then make an informed decision.


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